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Quartile can improve the profitability of your Amazon business because we’re the only technology on the market that optimizes Amazon campaigns based on profitability down to the ASIN level.

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Delivering Solid Results For 5,300+ Brands & Sellers

What makes quartile great

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Best-in-class machine learning
See the impact of true machine learning and artificial intelligence on one-to-one product level campaigns

Seamless account integration
Get up and running with Quartile in less than 48 hours – virtually no downtime on your campaigns

Automated ads management
No more manual configuration of ad groups frees up your time to focus on expanding your product catalogue and strategy

Unified campaign reporting
Stay on top of all your sales and revenue in one platform from anywhere with custom reports

Dedicated customer services
Speak with an account executive to see how the Quartile platform can improve your e-commerce sales

Our data-driven marketplace experts are Amazon Advertising certified professionals relying on Quartile’s artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms to supercharge e-commerce performance.

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Unlock the potential of your Amazon PPC ads with our data-driven strategies powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.




Our data science team will connect your account to Amazon’s API, gather the data, crunch it, and build the perfect plan for you.



The system starts running the campaigns.



Our proprietary technology dynamically optimizes campaigns in real-time.

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Don’t take it from us...
Both our clients and the industry recognize Quartile as the best technology and the world’s largest eCommerce advertising platform.

"In partnership with the Quartile team, we were able to create a full-funnel marketing strategy for the first time."

One platform, every site

Amazon Advertising and so much more: Manage your retail media on every marketplace via one single platform

The quartile platform is the key your success

Hit your goal, no matter what

Set your optimization priorities and let Quartile’s patented technologies do the rest

Optimize campaigns at the product level

Unlock true ad performance boosts with a one-to-one campaign to product optimization

Complete reporting and attribution

Find out what is really making your sales soar with unified measurement and attribution reporting

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Our Platform Supports:

and Seller Central

Hourly Bidding

Brand Campaigns

and Display Ads

Adjustment by Placement

Product Ads

Across all International Markets

As the World’s Largest E-Commerce Cross-Channel Ad Platform, Quartile was recently featured in the NYT & WSJ

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"Before Quartile and life after Quartile has been very different … Post Quartile, we're able to acquire brands, optimize them and make them efficient within days, not weeks or months. So ultimately, we have a lot more control over our portfolio. We're able to isolate and grow the brands in different ways we wouldn't be able to before and drive the business in a much more scalable fashion."

Brandon Hendricks, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Thrasio.

Client Testemonials

"Working with Quartile gives us more time to focus on industry trends and make sure we’re staying relevant. We’re able to dig into our business and share important information with our Quartile team, and then they incorporate it into a strategy that makes sense for our business. For us, that’s a major win."

Joe Schaefer
President, OfficeSupply.com

“Quartile's Amazon Attribution integration put Facebook, Instagram, and Google engagement metrics alongside Amazon conversion and sales metrics. This allowed us to create a truly full-funnel strategy that led to over 100% sales growth for our brand on Amazon this year.”

Gordon Gould
SmartyPants Vitamins


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Quartile is a global leader in Amazon Advertising. We help brands and agencies optimize Amazon advertising, expand market reach, and drive revenues upwards. Quartile’s proprietary advertising technology uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to make decisions based on real data for improved performance and growth.