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Quartile is a global leader in Amazon Advertising. We help brands and agencies optimize Amazon advertising, expand market reach, and drive revenues upwards. Quartile’s proprietary advertising technology uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to make decisions based on real data for improved performance and growth.

The Quartile Benchmark Tool is your key to unlocking a comprehensive understanding of your Amazon ad campaigns.

What’s included in the report:

Account snapshot: Receive a custom report that unifies key metrics in one place, empowering you with a holistic understanding of your business. Set specific goals for each campaign, effortlessly compare their performance, and uncover insights across the entire funnel.

Get early access to full funnel insights

Cohort analysis: View how your efforts stack up against thousands of competitors with insights into critical metrics like ACoS, TACoS, and industry-specific conversion rates.

Wasted ad spend analysis: Using a granular single keyword approach, advanced AI eliminates low-performing keywords to prevent wasted ad spend. Automated adjustments ensure that bids are always optimized for every keyword at every hour of the day.

Placement analysis: Measure ad spend by placement. As conversion rates fluctuate throughout the day, Quartile adapts your ad placements accordingly. Always-on adjustments optimize placements on a granular level to boost performance and revenue.

About the beta program

In this initial phase, Quartile is inviting 100 Amazon sellers and vendors to get early access to the tool at no cost.

The Quartile Benchmark Tool is designed to empower sellers to better understand and improve their Amazon Ads performance. As the first to access the tool, you'll gain valuable insights and play a pivotal role in shaping its evolution. We care about your input. By sharing feedback, you'll not only enhance your experience but also develop better solutions for the wider community.

As an Amazon Ad Advanced partner, we ensure the utmost security and confidentiality.

Your data's safety is our top priority

Our tool is 100% safe and secure

We will never sell or alter your data

We provide complete privacy and security assurance

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